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Would you like a free place on my next Property Mastermind Programme?

I think the heat has finally got to me! Or at least that’s what the guys in the office said to me yesterday when I told them my idea about giving away a free place on my next Property Mastermind Programme.

I am down in the South of France at the moment enjoying a well deserved few days holiday. This is one of my favourite places in the world. I love it here. However it has been really hot such that I have not been able to sleep, so I have been doing lots of thinking instead. It was one of these sleepless nights that I suddenly came up with the idea of holding a free prize draw to give away this valuable prize.

When I called the office yesterday afternoon to tell them my plan, they thought either the heat or the Rose wine had got to me. “But Simon, the Property Mastermind Programme sells out every time we do it and we are even putting the price up for the next one in October, Why do you want to give a place away?” Was the response I received.

Well the fact is I don’t need to give a place away but to be perfectly honest, I think is will be great publicity for the second edition of my Amazon No 1 best selling book “Property Magic” which is being released this week!

My reasoning is that if I give away a fantastic prize (like a place on my 12 Month Property Mastermind Programme which currently cost £9997 + VAT) I will get a lot of interest. There will only be one winner and so all the people who don’t win may well want to learn some of the success secrets behind the Property Mastermind Programme which I detail in Property Magic. This will help my book sales this week and so ensure that the second edition also becomes a best seller.

So that is why I am doing this prize draw. There is no purchase necessary. All you have to do is fill in this entry form here:

Is there a catch? No. The only thing you need to do is take a few seconds to do it NOW as we will only accept entries up until 9am on Tuesday 28th July. Why such a tight deadline? Well if you want to be a successful property investor you need to learn to move quickly and take action when you see a good deal otherwise you will miss out on some great property investment opportunities.

It is surprising how few people bother to enter prize draws. You could have a very good chance of winning this great prize. Even if you are not the lucky winner, you will automatically get access to 8 incredible on line videos, which are case studies of some of the most successful graduates from the Property Mastermind Programme. These are truly inspirational and you will learn a lot from them.

Enter the prize draw here now:

Now you may be thinking “That is a great prize but I don’t want to wait until October to start investing in property”. A very wise thought that would be, because now is the very best time to be investing in property (as long as you know what you are doing) because everything is on sale! It is still a buyers market. Not very good if you are selling, but we are buying.

So the lucky winner of this prize draw, (along with everyone else who has applied and been accepted to be on the next Property Mastermind in October) will be able to attend my next Property Investing Quick Start seminar ( in August to learn the property investing essentials and they will receive the Brain Transplant Pack (which is a big box with over £5k worth of pre course study material) next week, to get them up to speed as quick as possible, with the idea of them completing on the first BMV property deal before they even start the Property Mastermind Programme in October.

If you would like to find out more about how you can benefit from the Property Mastermind Programme all the details are here:

And finally, the reason I am doing this if you are interested in learning some of the success secrets behind the Property Mastermind Programme, for just £10.99 you can now order your copy of Property Magic: 2009 updated and revised edition, direct from my website. Order it this week and there are some great bonuses available for you:. Full details here:

Good luck in the prize draw,

Best wishes,

Simon Zutshi
Author of Amazon No 1 best seller “Property Magic”
Founder of the property investors network

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10 thoughts on “Would you like a free place on my next Property Mastermind Programme?

  1. hakeem

    I am entering the draw for the free seminar position. hope to wi as i really enjoyed that CD u sentto me through the Your Property network magazine. i was wiped out just before the recession.

  2. Lois Chigovanyika

    I already follow you on twitter and in the Your Property Network Magazine. It has been my greatest wish to join your Mastermind programme as the testimonials by past students are amazing, but funds forbid.I hope I win this slot to enable me to join your next Mastermind Course programme.

    Lois Chigovanyika.

  3. Jatinder Ruprah

    Hi, Simon

    My name is Jatinder Ruprah and I am 27 year old (male, British born Asian)

    I’m really wanted to join a Property course that will enable me to fulfil my ambitions.

    I want to educate myself so that I can be more than I am now and help others around me. I’ve searched for Property wealth courses (i.e. “Property Mentor”) but the course fee is out of my reach (although I am aware it’s an investment in my future – which is invaluable). I stumbled across this opportunity and wanted show why I am committed and determined to succeed.

    I don’t want to give you a “sob” story – instead want to convey why I feel I deserve a chance. I have lived in a council estate since I was a child and I had to grow up quickly to survive in my area. Both my parents are disabled and they really have had an unfulfilled life.

    Despite the circumstances my family have still had the spirit to achieve. My sister completed her BVC and is training as a barrister and I am near to graduating in Psychology and recently achieved my Black belt in Martial Arts.

    I have tried to save money, build wealth – but to no avail.
    I moved to Marbella last year and worked in the Real Estate field in aim to better the life of my family. I worked my socks off however the company I worked for went bust and I was left with nothing but a plane ticket home. Nevertheless it was a good learning experience and gave me an insight into how wealth can be accumulated in Real Estate.

    More importantly I realised that wealth starts in the mind and have since taken a keen interest in people such as Kiyosaki, Bob Proctor, Anthony Robbins and Chris Howard.

    I need a mentor and feel your teaching will take me in the direction I want to go.
    I purchased “Property Magic” in 2008 and felt the information was great – however I haven’t got the confidence to go it alone (yet)

    Please consider me for this opportunity

    Thank you

    Jatinder Ruprah

  4. Mariana Ignatyeva

    Hi Simon,

    last year I was late to take chance to win free place on Mastermind course.
    Now I realised it is very important to communicate with like-minded people.
    I’d like to win the PRICE!

  5. Emmanuel Da Silva

    Hi Simon
    I have always been interested in property, but lack of funds has been an obstacle till thus far.
    I am a keen follower of “Rich Dad Poor Dad” series and have read most of Robert’s books.
    I am an avid reader and believe one never stops learning.

    I am entering this draw for the Mastermind Property Programme as I feel this definitely will change my life and that of my family and in so doing I want to make a difference in other people’s lives as well.

    Many Thanks