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What is your excuse?

Are you finding as many deals as you would like? If not, why not? What are your reasons (or excuses) for not achieving what you want?

The reason I ask, is because I want to share with you a post which was put onto my Property Mastermind Forum by one of the home study delegates:

“I’m a newbie at this – I’ve only been learning this BMV stuff for 10 weeks and I have been struggling to fit in the time recently, as my shops are so busy and we’re doing almost £60k a week at the moment, we suffered an armed robbery in June (which knackered everything up for a few weeks) and my children have been off school for the past 5-weeks on their summer holiday and I have been trying to keep them entertained with days-out, cinema trips, zoo days, theme parks, etc…

Also, my 6-year old son has been quite ill in recent months and in-and-out of hospital almost on a weekly basis, seeing various consultants and trying various treatments for his condition. In the past week too, my baby son (aged 7months) has been really ill and his neck looks like he has two golf balls under his skin as his glands are so swollen and we’ve been in and out of A&E 3 times since last Friday – we thought it was mumps, or worse.

I feel that I haven’t given as much time as I should as I have been distracted recently”

I think we would all agree there are some valid reasons why this newbie could not take as much action as he would have liked, given all this stuff happening in his life right now. However he went on to say:

“Yet Simon thinks I’m doing well and participating fully with the programme and following the steps as laid out.

So far, I’ve viewed around 40 houses and I have got 5 deals now.

One was a packaged up deal bought from a sourcer and the other 4 deals are ones that I have found by using Simon’s Estate Agent strategy. I’ve gone from nothing to having FIVE deals in the past 10 weeks. The last 4 deals have come in the past 4-weeks, as I have gone out there, met estate agents, done viewings, made offers and got the deals.

I’m nobody special. I have just followed the programme. If I can do it… I’m pretty sure anybody can…”

Although he is busy, this newbie has made his property business a priority, he has kept it simple, followed the programme, taken action and had a crystal clear vision of what he wants to achieve.

What changes do you need to make to get the results you want?

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Simon Zutshi

One thought on “What is your excuse?

  1. Linda Morgan

    With all that going on in their personal life I admire some one who can keep focussed whilst they are still learning the property trade. This person deserves success.