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What is going to happen to UK interest rates in 2008?

Over the last 18 months we have seen five quarter point interest rates rises such that the bank of England base rate is currently 5.75%. Many experts have speculated that we could see interest rates rise to 6% but the opinion has started to change and the general consensus in the City is that next year interest rates may fall to as low as

5%. It is hard to say when the first rate decrease may happen but I think it will be early next year either March or maybe even February. I think the fall will be gradual by quarter percentage points. Why will this rate fall happen, well the Bank of England has achieved many of its objectives and now it may be time to balance the markets again.

The property market has slowed with the interest rate rises but UK exports have also slowed due to the strong £ which makes our exports very expensive which has hit UK businesses. The one thing that could prevent a rate fall would be the price of oil which looks like it will continue to increase.

However, even if the Bank of England base rate falls it does not mean that the UK mortgage lenders will reduce their standard variable rates! The LIBOR rates are still high and as the credit crunch takes effect lenders may not want to stimulate the market as they don’t want to lend until the full implications of the American Sub Prime market collapse are understood. We may still have more Northern Rockiness ahead.

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Simon Zutshi

2 thoughts on “What is going to happen to UK interest rates in 2008?

  1. David Fitzpatrick

    As the UK prepares to enter a full blown recession in 2008 there will be good opportunities for alert property investors to acquire, renovate and hold property for at least the next three years in order to make handsome gains…many will make mistakes by getting the timing wrong !

  2. simon Zutshi

    Hi David,
    I completely agree. There is massive opportunity for us now to buy our peoprty for even less money and with rents on the increase and interest rates falling it menas that deals will now stack up much better than during last year. I don’t think we will have much capital growth for two years so I think investors should expect to hold for at least 3 to 5 years.