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The next step with Joseph McClendon

Wow what an amazing Tele seminar with Joseph. As soon as we can, I will get the audio on this website so that you can listen to it again.

If you would like to come to the Step up to the next level event in London in November click here to find out more and book your tickets:

Kind regards

Simon Zutshi

3 thoughts on “The next step with Joseph McClendon

  1. Simon Zutshi

    Hi Simon

    Thanks for setting the call up. I enjoyed it and am looking forwards to the weekend in November, if I can say that without wishing my life away.

    Not sure I can wait that long though to hear how to put the law of attraction into action! They all make it sound so easy…


  2. cornel "Azibu" grant

    I feel like one of a select few who has benefited from this evenings input from Joseph Mcclendon. Simon, thank you for organising and using the resources available to make this happen. Lets now turn decades into days!

  3. franco sharp

    what a great guy to listen to Joseph is, really motivating and I particularly like his message of knowledge is useless without action….