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The difference between amateur and professional investors!

As you are very well aware the credit crunch is taking effect, the mortgage market is changing almost daily and it is becoming increasingly difficulty for people to get finance. What this means for you depends very much on your outlook!.

Amateur investors would say that it is now very difficult to get mortgages to stack up….. which is certainly true. However, the professional investors see the tremendous opportunity in the market right now. The fact is that due to financing issues there will be an increasing number of motivated sellers who have to sell their properties, but probably less investors to help them out as all the amateurs will be sitting on the sideline not knowing what to do. For those investors who are ready to move quickly there are some great deals out there.

The question is are you ready to make the most of the current market conditions? If I was to offer you a 25% BMV deal which would cash out to the tune of £10k and give you a £200 per month positive cash flow, I am sure you would want the deal, but would you know exactly what to do with it?

If you want to learn about how to buy BMV with none of your own money, or even if you know what to do but are not taking action then you need to quire the necessary skills, strategies, and contacts as soon as possible to make sure you don’t miss out on the biggest property rush in this decade.
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