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The dangers of neglect

Do you know your responsibilities as a landlord?

Do you know your property conforms with requirements?

A Landlord has been fined more than £12,000 for renting out a house in a dangerous condition. The house was found to be poorly maintained and one tenant complained about the conditions.

Fire exits were cluttered, smoke alarms did not work, there was no record of a test of the electrical wiring, wash basins had become blocked and gas appliances were found to be defective.

The Landlord was convicted of: failing to licence the house properly; not displaying the manager’s details; failing to ensure fire exits were free from obstruction; failing to ensure common parts were well maintained and safe; failing to ensure the internal structure was kept in good repair; failing to produce electricity safety documents.

He was fined £1,750 for each of the six offences, ordered to pay costs of £2,191 and a victim surcharge of £15. He then had to pay to have all the faults remedied.
Tenants in the house may also be able to recover a proportion of the rent they paid.

MAKE SURE YOUR PROPERTIES ARE UP TO SCRATCH. They may have been in tip top condition in the past but they need to be checked.
Pininsurance can protect you against legal proceedings when you have done all you can to make sure your properties conform with legislation.

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2 thoughts on “The dangers of neglect

  1. Robin

    To get the best tenants you need to have the best properties. It’s human nature. If you live in a nice house you will look after it. Your tenants are your livelihood. They deserve the best environment to live in. Just as you do. It’s a totally false economy to cut corners with your investment properties because before long those assets will soon turn to liabilities.