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The best 5 questions to ask Estate Agents to get them bring motivated sellers to you. PART 2.

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In Part one of this article I shared 5 questions that you can use to get the Estate Agents to bring motivated seller leads to you.

In this Part Two of the article, I will share with you what to do once the Estate Agent has given you a motivated seller lead as a result of asking these questions.

Once an agent gives you a lead you need to act quickly. First of all you need to fact find form the Estate Agent to get as much information as possible about the property, the seller and their circumstances. Very often the agent may not have the information that we would normally get from the seller and so we need to arrange a visit to the property when the seller is there if at all possible.

That means usually asking for a viewing in the evening or at the weekend outside of the normal estate agency working hours. We are not attempting to cut the agent out in any way but it is always best if we can speak seller direct to the seller to truly find out what is important to them. Remember if the seller is truly motivated it is not always the most money they will go for but the need for speed and certainty. If you do meet the seller in person ask then for their contact details in case you have any further questions.
Always give feedback to the Estate Agent to tell them about the viewing and share your thoughts. If you have made an offer to the seller always pass it through the agent as well to make sure they don’t think you are trying to cut them out of the deal. If the offer is not accepted tell them that you will leave it on the table and make sure you follow up every few weeks to see if they have become more motivated such that they will now consider your offer.

Once you have successfully completed a purchase through an Estate Agent you need to go straight back to them and tell them that you are looking for another purchase. As you have just demonstrated that you are a serious investor they will take you far more seriously that other investors interested in the same kind of deals. You will have worked your way onto their shortlist of preferred investors they call whenever they get a good deal.

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One thought on “The best 5 questions to ask Estate Agents to get them bring motivated sellers to you. PART 2.

  1. James Cooke

    In your relationship with the estate agent be careful to emphasise they’re ‘in on the deal’. If they sense you’re dealing directly with the vendor you can kiss goodbye to any more leads. And absolutely – as soon as any deal is done re-engage with the agent immediately. They now know two things about: you are serious and eager. Enjoy your rep.