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The BBC help to spread Doon and Gloom

It is a fact that 2009 will be a tough year for many individuals and companies given the state of the economy and the housing market. However I get really frustrated when the media insist on pushing the doom and gloom story which far from helping the situation.

An example of this was an email that I received this week from my friends at Landlord Action who had been contacted by the BBC about a new programme they are making. The email said:
“BBC2 have contacted us about being involved with a programme called Property Watch. They are planning a series of programmes on property prices and the economic downturn, and we would like to hear about your property problems. They would like to hear stories and views from Landlords all over the UK facing repossession or struggling to meet their mortgage payments.”

As landlords and investors we all know the problems that we are facing at the moment. Does a programme like this actually help anyone or does it just make the situation worse? What we need is some positive news to inspire people, to lift their spirits and remind the general public that things will get better and to build confidence in the property market again.

The property market will recover when first time buyers start to buy again which will be when we reach the point when it becomes cheaper to buy than it is to rent. Unfortunately first time buyers listen to the news and read the papers as they don’t know any better. Time to do something about this I think. Watch this space as I have a plan which hopefully will be in place by late summer.

If you want to be successful it is critical that you do not allow all of the negativity to affect you. You results and achievements will be as direct result of your mindset, attitude and beliefs. Surround your self with everything positive and block out the negativity. This can be hard to do sometimes but it is essential that you do it.

Kind regards,

Simon Zutshi

3 thoughts on “The BBC help to spread Doon and Gloom

  1. Andy Evans

    Hi Simon, yes just what we need another programme to confirm that we are all doomed! My advice; don’t watch the News or read the papers, it screws with your mind. Yes the current climate is making things tough for many people, but it is a fact that with change comes opportunity. So here’s a different perspective that the media seems to ignore: For those that are willing to embrace the changes and challenges in our world today there are many fantastic, perhaps once in a lifetime, opportunities to be hugely successful. So ignore the doom a gloom merchants, don’t allow them to focus your mind on the bad news and talking yourself into failure, instead turn your mind to looking for opportunities to be successful. Remember the law of nature that say you get what you focus your mind on. Regards, Andy

  2. Brian Carlisle

    Totally agree with this comment. The time is now, First time buyers should be buying, professional investors are buying some fantastic bargains, and amateur investors are now realising there are very few alternatives to property for safe and rewarding investment and are also buying in february.

  3. Dan Jacobs

    Bad news sell newspapers, or so the saying goes. I’m not sure it is true though as I would love to read about success stories in the newspapers and I would buy a paper with a good news headline instead of more of the doom and gloom. And there is a lot of positive news out there, its just that newspaper editors seem too miserable to want to tell the rest of us about it.