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The Speaker Skills Training Day

No matter what experience you have or not we will take your speaking ability to the next level. This day has been specifically designed to help people who want to speak at the pin meetings but the transferable skills that you will learn will benefit many areas of your life.

Here is specifically what you learn will on the day:

•    How to overcome your nerves and deliver a professional presentation
•    The quickest way to plan your presentation
•    How to put together your presentation so that it naturally flows
•    How to best use technology in your presentations
•    The secret to making your presentation memorable
•    How to get your point across in 3 easy steps
•    It’s not what you say but the way that you say it
•    The one secret that makes presenting easy
•    How to profit from your new speaking skills
•    How to leave your audience wanting more!

But that’s not all!

The best way to learn is to participate and so rather than just learning the theory this day will be about helping you to put your learning into practise. By the end of the day you will have your next presentation full planned and ready to go.

As usual we will provide a great lunch and all refreshments during the day, as well as an audio recording of the day so that you can go over the content as often as you like whenever you like.

100% Money back Guarantee

As with all of our one day events we offer a full 100% money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not delighted with the training at anytime up to lunchtime simply tell us, hand back the course materials and we will happily give you a full 100% refund.


Everyone who attends this special Speaker Skills Training day is guaranteed be given at least one speaking slot at a pin meeting in the next six months. If you are good then we will put you on at as many pin meetings as you like.

Your investment to attend this special training day is just £247 + VAT.

The next event is on Monday 5th September 2011
9:00am Registration
9.30am  Start
5:00pm Finish

Holiday Inn Birmingham Airport
Coventry Road
B26 3QW

To book your place CLICK HERE

Here are some testimonials from the day that we held in January 2011.

“The speaker training course attended was an invaluable learning experience. The training was first class with very useful and informative work sessions and role plays. Everyone was made to feel at ease and were given the tools to get out into the big wide world with the confidence needed to speak publically. This course is a must if you are speaking to groups of people”. Mark Loftin Concentric Lettings

“The speaker training day was an excellent event for new and intermediate speakers. The material was very well delivered, digestible and most importantly, simple to use. I left with a much clearer picture of how to prepare and structure a speech/presentation, how to communicate and re-affirm key messages, how to manage time and quickly adapt a presentation when you need to extend or shorten it at short notice, and also how to manage nerves. There was a good balance of theory and practical on the day, so everyone ‘had a go’ at standing up and speaking in front of an audience. Overall, I left much more confident in all areas of my speaking/presenting and I would highly recommend the course.” Paul Preston – Sell Fast Milton Keynes

“Really enjoyed the Speaker Skills Training course, it’s given me an easy to remember blueprint to be able to plan and present to all sorts of audiences. It was fantastic value for money – and the next time I see a speaker my thought will be “I wonder if they’re clenching their buttocks!” Andy Haynes – Property Here

“I found the speaker training to be very practical and comprehensive; it also dispelled the myth that there is only one right way of presenting and encouraged us to “be ourselves”. A great days learning with very memorable presentations from both Peter and Simon and it has encouraged me to learn more about presentation skills and how I can use it in my business”. – Peter Fannon – PJ Palmers

“Hi Simon, Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed the speaker training event – some great advice and tips on structuring a talk”. Andy Evans, Founder of

“I recently attended a day’s training on public speaking skills. It was well attended and the speakers were excellent. They explained how to develop a speech and also the correct mindset. I’ve spoken to small public groups before, (not always very well!), but with this new approach found a huge improvement in my skills. My confidence is far better which in turn improves delivery and what can I say; ‘onwards and upwards!’ I thoroughly recommend this course for anyone who wishes to speak publicly or even just to improve your skills”. Richard Aylward Concentric Lettings

“Excellent day. I learnt how to structure a presentation and write it out in an easy step by step process. I also feel alot more confident to speak in public which was a big fear for me. Would definetly recommend this course it has been of real value to me”. – Rachael Wilson Mastermind Programmme 8