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Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make

Robert Kiyosaki, Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, has a great saying:

“Poor people will spend their time to save money

Rich people spend their money to save time!”

Why would you want to learn the hard way, making costly, painful mistakes when instead you could invest in your own education and save yourself a fortune in terms of time, money and effort by learning from successful investors who can share their years of investing experience with you, in a time efficient concentrated period.

We have a number of different seminars depending on your specific interests.

Property Investing Quick Start

This is our main seminar that we recommend all investors to attend. Designed to show you how to find motivated sellers who will sell you their property for less than the market value. How to find these motivated sellers, deal with them and negotiate to come up with a win win ethical agreement. Full details here:

Property Options Quick start

This one day event focuses exclusively on property options. This is ideal for investors who can’t get mortgages and want to benefit form positive   for assets that they do not own. Full details here:

Joint Venture Quick Start

One for our new seminars hosted by Dick Dabner and his son Peter who have successfully completed over 50 Joint Venture Projects to build a Multi Million pound property portfolio using other people’s money alongside their own.

Rent To Rent Quick Start

Showing you how to increase your cash-flow with rent-to-rent!

HMO Quick Start

How to increase your cash-flow from multi-letting properties!

100% Money Back Guarantee

All of our one day seminars are covered by our no quibble 100 % money back guarantee. If you don’t this seminar is worth far more than the investment you make to attend, simply tell us anytime up to lunchtime, return the course materials and you can have a full refund. I am delighted to say that that we have never been asked for a refund at any of our events over the last seven years as the value we give is always far greater than the investment you make.