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Robert Kiyosaki is coming to the UK

Robert Kiyosaki, and his international best seller “Rich Dad Poor Dad” is probably responsible for more property investors network members becoming interested in property investing than any other book or person. His first book in the Rich Dad Poor Dad series, although nothing to do with property investing, certainly helped many people get over the fear of debt (good debt used to purchase assets) and helped many realise that there is an alternative to having to work for the rest of their lives.

I have been fortunate enough to learn from some of the most successful people in the world over the last 12 years, but until last year I had not had the opportunity to learn personally from Robert Kiyosaki. So when a friend of mine tipped me off that Robert was doing a big seminar in Singapore with all of his Rich Dad Poor Dad advisers and that if I wanted them, I could buy some VIP front row seats, needless to say, I jumped at the chance. Before I knew it, I was on a plane to Singapore with my team and a small number of clients.

I must say, I think Singapore is an incredible place (so much so that I went there three times last year) and the event, the National Achievers Congress organised by the wonderful Richard and Veronica Tan of Success Resources, was attended by almost 3000 participants which itself was a real sight to see.

My friend who had secured the VIP tickets also managed to arrange for us to meet Robert in person which was fantastic given that there were so many delegates there. As VIPs we were invited to have lunch each day with one of the Rich Dad Poor Dad advisors. This was a priceless experience! If you want to be successful you need to spend as much time as possible other with successful people.

So what did I learn by attending this event? Well as you might expect there was lots of valuable information about different aspects of wealth creation but the biggest benefit for me was the powerful impact on my mindset. I experienced a real shift in my personal believe in what I can achieve in my business and property investments. I would like to think I already have a very open mind as to what can be achieved but my thinking was definitely expanded to a whole new, higher level thanks to this event. I would go as far as saying that I believe I will make millions of extra pounds over the next ten years as a direct result of being at that one event.

One of the significant lessons for me, that I would like to share with you, was the concept of adding noughts to the size of deals you do. It takes about as much work to buy a large property as it does a small one. Maybe a bit more confidence required to do bigger deals but not much more time. For the same amount of time and effort you can make much more money by finding bigger deals. This may be common sense and theoretically I already know the concept but even if you think you know something, if you are not doing it, do you really know it?

As a result of this flash of the blinding obvious, I am currently looking for a really big deal to do, probably with the help of my friend and mentor Dolf de Roos. People are often surprised when I say that I still have mentors and coaches because I have been investing since 1995. Maybe they expect me to already know it all, but of course I don’t and no one can, especially when the property market has changed so much over the last 2 years. The importance of having a mentor was another key message that I was reminded of at this event.

In case you have not already heard, the great news is that Success Resources are bringing their incredible National Achievers Congress event to the UK this June with, for the very first time, Robert Kiyosaki and 4 of his Rich Dad Advisors. This will be the biggest ever wealth creation event in the UK with 4000 delegates at the new purpose build auditorium at Excel.

Right now Tickets are just £300 + VAT which in my view is an absolute bargain. However, be advised that the price will be going up as it gets closer to the event so I recommend you buy your tickets as soon as you can to pay the best price. I believe the next price rise will be to £450 + VAT from 1st May.
Click here for full details about the event here.

I will be going to this event again and I know many of the property experts are also going to be there. I do hope you can join us.

Kind regards

Simon Zutshi
Founder property investors network

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    Why not put a date on the articles so that people (like me) know hows recent the information is? I’m not sure if this was written last week or 3 years ago!