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Property Mastermind Programme free prize draw winner

We held a FREE prize draw which closed at 9am on Tuesday. The prize was a place on my next Property Mastermind Programme (PMP) which starts in October.

The lucky winner will not have to wait until October to start buying lots of property as the winner, (and all the other investors who have already reserved their place on the next PMP) will attend my one day BMV Quick Start seminar in August, and the winner will also receive the Brain Transplant Pack (pre course study material) so that he/she can get their first deals even before they start in October.

So thank you to everyone who entered.

The winner is……Jane Russell.

Congratulations Jane. I will be calling you later today.

Kind regards

Simon Zutshi

9 thoughts on “Property Mastermind Programme free prize draw winner

  1. Andy Cunningham

    Hi Simon, thanks for the chance to win a place on your course, however I wouldn’t mind betting that the lady who won is not from the north of England, please excuse my sinasm but after the year I have had with missed deals caused by the banks not lending I am totally p..d off with the hole “you can win crap” so thanks again and good luck !!!!!!!!!!

  2. Jo Ann Ross

    Congratulations Jane, you are a lucky girl to be working with one of the best. I wish you luck…… actually you won’t need it, because Simon talks sense and all you need to do is to follow the Master!

  3. Jane Russell

    Hi Andy

    Sorry to hear you have had a bad year. I am from the north west as it happens but that does not preclude me from investing elsewhere in the country. I know it is not easy to get mortgages at present but I am hoping that Simon and his team will have some suggestions to overcome that.

  4. Jane Russell

    Hi Jo Ann and Karl

    Many thanks for your kind messages of congratulations. I hope to take full advantage of working with Simon who I have admired for some time now.

  5. Andy Evans

    Congratulations Jane, I was lucky enough to be part of Simon’s first Mastermind programme and continue to be part of the growing band of Mastermind graduates. I can tell you that you are in for a life changing ride! I wish you every success with the programme and look forward to meeting you soon. Regards, Andy

  6. Jane Russell

    Thanks Andy. I am very excited about taking part in a life changing ride! I have wanted to go on the course for a while now and the incentive of winning a free place spurred me into action. Do all the graduates meet up or do you just keep in touch with the ones from your own course? I hope to meet up with you too.
    Cheers, Jane

  7. Andy Evans

    Hi Jane, yes, many of the graduates from across all the mastermind groups stay in touch and meet up regularly via the graduate programme. Regards, Andy

  8. jacky

    Hi Jane
    You are a lucky girl, I just attended simon,s one day BMV seminar it was fanmtastic, I wish I was on the mastermind course. Enjoy it.