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Property Magic Launched TODAY

My new book “Property Magic” is launched today (WEDNESDAY 19th March) on and I am hoping to get it to the No 1 best seller position buy the end of the day.

In “Property Magic” I will show you how you can build a £1M property portfolio and gain a £50,000 income in just 12 months. This is done using other people’s time, money and experience.

The book is just £9.49 on Amazon and can be purchase here:

Many thanks for your help. Enjoy the book.

Simon Zutshi
Founder, Property Investors Network

2 thoughts on “Property Magic Launched TODAY

  1. Andrew

    Met Simon a months back. Enjoyed what he has taught, so buying his book. Let’s make it No 1.

  2. Janie Acutt

    FABULOUS! Thanks for making it so simple to understand. I bought several copies to pass out to friends and family. A colleague just read it and said, “I had questions on almost every page but I found that when I turned the page over the answer was always clearly explained.”

    Congratulations on one of the best reads ever written Simon!