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Property is not the only investment you should make!

I have done incredibly well from my property investments but there is one investment that all successful people agree is far better than property, and that is investing in yourself!

It is a real shame that traditional education fails to prepare us for life in the real world. There are so many things that we learnt at school which we will never use in life and yet no one every teaches us about important life skills such making money, debt management , or cash flow.

Unfortunately, most people in the UK don’t understand the importance of investing in themselves. Part of the problem is that we don’t know what we don’t know. I see this problem all the time, especially with experienced landlords who might have owned property for a number of years and thus feel that the already know it all because they have been successful.

In contrast to this, it is interesting to observe that, the really successful people are often very open minded and are always looking to improve their skills and knowledge to make sure they stay at the top of their game.

Successful people know they don’t have to learn the hard way but rather it is much smarter to find someone who has already been successful and copy what they did.

I have been investing in myself (and continue to do so) since 1998 when I attended a 3 day Jay Abraham marketing seminar. At the time I invested about £2500 which seemed like a lot of money to me but I believe the knowledge I gained at that event and subsequently applied has earned me close to £1M over the last 12 years. I still have that knowledge and will still benefit from it for the rest of my life.

Even though I have been investing in property since 1995, speak all over the world about property investing, and have written an Amazon No 1 best-selling book, I don’t claim to know it all. No one can, especially when the market has changed as much as it has over the last 18 months. People are often surprised when they see me at seminars as a delegate (especially property seminars) but I know that I will ALWAYS learn something because I am looking for what I don’t know rather than what I already know. If I pick up just one thing that will make me more successful, or save me time, money, or effort, then it is well worth the time and money to attend.

I believe it was Robert Kiyosaki who said: “Poor people will spend their time to save money. Rich people spend their money to save time!”

A great example of this was on one of my recent seminars when a delegate put on his feedback form that he had learnt more in one day with me than he had learnt in an entire year looking on the internet trying to piece all the information together for free. He was frustrated that he had wasted a whole year and potentially missed loads of deals in those 12 months because all because he did not want to invest £500 in his own education, as he thought he could do it himself for free.

I would not be surprised if all the information you will ever need is already on the internet and available for free. The problem is how long it will take you to pull it all together, digest it and then apply it! Some people insist on learning the hard way. They believe that instead of educating themselves they would rather learn from their own mistakes. This is a false economy when you weigh up the wasted time, money and effort. Really smart people find someone who has already achieved success in the area they want to be successful and copy what the successful person does.

There are many different ways of learning from successful people: through books, DVDs, audio programs and home study courses, but my preferred method of learning is through seminars because I love the learning environment and the opportunity to ask questions.

There are generally two types of seminars you can attend.

First of all there are the content specific seminars which teach you particular skills, knowledge and strategies such as Internet marketing, FOREX, Business skills or Property Investing.

Then there are the second type of seminars which help with mindset, beliefs and motivation. Personally I think it is worthless having the technical knowhow if you don’t have the motivation to apply it which is why I have a large proportion of mindset in all my seminars.

There are so many great seminars out there that it can be confusing which one is the most appropriate for you.

So I have put together a check list for you to use to make sure you make the right choice to make the most of your investment.

Top Tips for picking the right seminar for you:
• First of all identify the specific training, knowledge or skills that you want to acquire. Make sure the seminar is going to give you what you are looking for.
• Ask who is going to be delivering the training. Will it be the expert with years of experience or just a presenter who is delivering someone else’s material.
• Can you find and speak to other people who have already done the seminar to get their independent opinion of it.
• Are there any money back guarantees if it does not deliver what was advertised.
• What is the post seminar support if any?

The final but probably the most important tip on how to make the most on your investment in you, is that you need to take action. I know that may seem obvious but it is incredible how many people fail to put what they have been taught into action.

Here are a few points to help avoid overwhelm and actually apply what you learn from the seminar.
• Work out what actions you need to take
• Prioritise this action list
• Do at least one thing a day from your action list
• Schedule time to take action into your diary to make sure it happens.

People often think they can go on just one seminar and that will be then sorted for life. Well it does not usually work like that. If you go to the gym once you won’t suddenly become muscular and toned. You need to keep working your muscles on a regular basis. In the same way to become truly successful you need High Impact, High Frequency and then on-going support!

Going to a seminar gives you high impact. It is a very time efficient way for you to gain a significant amount of knowledge in a short period of time. When someone attends one of my seminars they are not getting just a day of my time but rather 15 years of my experienced condensed into the very best bits delivered in the most efficient way.

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Kind regards,

Simon Zutshi
Founder, Property Investors Network

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