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Property Investing tips from New York

I have not posted on the blog for a few weeks as I am currently on holiday in America with my wife and I am not supposed to be doing any work but……..something happened yesterday which I wanted to share with you.

We are in New York at the moment and yesterday morning I switched on the TV, not expecting to find much and who should I see but Donald Trump. It was in fact an advert for Donald Trump’s Real Estate investing seminars which happen to be this week around the New York area. I thought this is too good an opportunity to miss so I have negotiated with my wife that I go to this free seminar whilst she goes shopping. (This could be expensive!)

Often investors seem surprised when I tell that that whenever possible I will go to other people’s property seminars. The fact is I am always looking to improve my knowledge in an attempt to become the best at what I do. If I pick up just one idea it will be worth it. I don’t have all the answers and I am sure that I can learn something from someone like Donald Trump. I doubt very much that Donald Trump will be there in person but I am sure the presenter will be sharing Donald’s investing strategies and tips. Now you may be thinking, it can’t be a good time to invest in the USA, well Donald and I would disagree with you. As Donald explained on the advert, now is the time to be buying property because you can buy at such a low price. (Just the same as in the UK). Of course you need to know what to buy and you have to be able to purchase at the correct low price. Donald went on to explain that in the last US property market downturn (which I think was about 20 years ago) he purchased an empty tower in New York for $1 Million. That same tower block today is worth a cool $400 million.

In my next blog I will share with you the strategies I learn from this Donald Trump Real Estate Investing seminar.


Simon Zutshi

One thought on “Property Investing tips from New York

  1. Paul Collyer

    Hi Simon,

    Not surprised that you took the decision to go along, what a great opportunity!

    I look forward with interest to learning how Mr Trump’s buying strategies compare to that of our own within the Mastermind groups…particularly given that the UK market is a diluted reflection of what is heppening over the pond.

    Now…if Mr Trump is telling the Americans how/where/why to buy property in the US slump…imagine what that could do for the well informed UK buyer, given the current rate of exchange.

    I will watch this space with interest.