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No Money Left In – Financing video

As I am sure you know there has been a bit of a stir created by my Death of Property Investing Report which I put out onto the internet last month. As a result of the tremendous feedback I received from that I have recorder a video about how to finance your purchases in the current climate. Rather than No Money Down (NMD), I prefer to use No Money Left In (NMLI). All is explaining on this video. Click here:

Kind regards,

Simon Zutshi

3 thoughts on “No Money Left In – Financing video

  1. Robert Dodge

    Hello Simon,
    I have just been introduced to you and your businesses and what more can I say!
    Shame I had not heard about you sooner, Anyway excellent video and I am looking forward to the next video.

    Can you answer question for me please, I have applied to join the mastermind group in October and being I live in the South West am considering coming to the PIN Meeting in Bristol in September – will you be there in person ? As I am eager to know more as I am sure now is the perfect time to get involved with this type of business.
    Your thoughts and suggestions would be greatly received.
    Kind Regards
    P.s Is there a way to leave you personal email’s ?

  2. Simon Zutshi

    Hi Robert,

    Glad you enjoyed the video. I will be at the Bristol pin event this month in fact I will be at all of the pin events as I will be talking more aboput property options and property magic live. See you there.

    Kind regards

    Simon Zutshi


    Hi Simon

    Excellent video, very interesting, I really enjoyed it. When are you going to release your next video?

    Best regards