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Mortgage Doom & Gloom!

11 thoughts on “Mortgage Doom & Gloom!

  1. Monica tourlamain

    Thank you for your encouraging comments ref mortgage lending

    Particularly reassuring that there are no plans to enforce repayment on BTL

    best wishes and good fortune to all for 2013!

  2. Brian Bennis

    Great advice, as always, Simon. It’s not just the mortgage lenders that have money, the banks have incredibly healthy balance sheets too, which is why their share prices have been rocketing in recent months. It’ll start filtering out to property investors in due course, so now is indeed a good time for the property sector.

  3. Louise Stephens

    Thanks Simon….I agree, my broker hasn’t had any trouble getting me Buy to Lets, I’ve completed on 2 properties in the last 8 weeks.

  4. Sarah Irons

    As a broker myself, that is exactly right. The Buy to Let market is getting more and more flexible with lenders available going from 4 to 20. Rates are good. Fees can be high, however there is a reason for that. If you need any mortgage help. Give me a call 07866 618893

  5. cathi

    well that was helpful as today I was turned down for a £28.000 mortgage – I mean you have to laugh! Thanks for the hope!

  6. LISA

    Thank you for the information, 2.99% for a BTL is something I am very interested in, would you share which lender is offering this rate please?

  7. David

    In the real world, the mortgage market is dysfunctional.
    I have quite a large portfolio with 50% equity and I have tried twice thro two brokers to re-mortgage.
    Both times turned down on lack of Income proof, even though my rent roll is in 3 figs.
    Also LLoyds for one ARE insisting on repayment basis for BTL, even though they know it will decimate cashflow!

  8. Paul Griffin

    As usual, excellent content Simon. Love those quick videos. They serve not only to give important information, but to keep you motivated. Thank you.