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Make the most of your time!

Over 10 years ago I learnt a valuable time saving tip from success guru Brian Tracy that I would like to share with you!

All successful people recognise the need to keep educating themselves to stay ahead of the game, however most people are busy and struggle to find the time to invest in themselves! A great idea is to…

Turn your car into a moving library! How long do you spend in your car every week? For most people this is dead time but instead of wasting this time listening to the radio, you could make the most of it by listening to positive, inspirational and educational audio programs which will help to learn new skills, improve your mindset and ultimately make you more successful.

Now don’t get me wrong. I like listening to the radio occasionally but the problem is you have no control over the music that is played, the news is always depressing and often the DJs talk drivel. You need to be careful what you allow into your head as it will affect your mindset. So why not choose what you put into your head rather than leave it to chance!

Most books are now available in audio format, you can also get home study programmes on CD and each month the property investors network produce the Ultimate Investors Collection (UIC) which is an Audio CD packed full of interviews with successful property investors, property investing strategies from me, special offers and inspirational stories. Each month we produce a different collectable audio CD which is available free of charge to everyone who attends the monthly property investor network meetings.

All you need to do to claim your copy of Ultimate Investors Collection audio CD each month, is to book your place at your local property investors network meeting at least 24hrs in advance and we will make sure that you CD is read for you to collect at the registration desk.

You can book your place at any one of the 11 pin meetings around the UK here:

Kind regards

Simon Zutshi
Property Investors Network

One thought on “Make the most of your time!

  1. Spike Reddington

    Great tip Simon. Another way is to pop the cd into your computer or laptop and play the audio whilst you are browsing the internet, going through your emails or studying spreadsheets!
    All the best, Spike