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Learn The Inside Secrets Of A Lettings Agent?

“I couldn’t believe it was time for the meeting to close! Daniel kept us riveted with his energetic delivery style and great content” Victoria Raybould, Property Investor.

This above quote is from just one of the property investors who attended the March pin meeting at The Parkhouse Club in Cardiff.

This month our guest speaker was Daniel Latto, the Chief Executive of The Think Tank Group, who treated us to a fascinating ‘insiders’ look at the UK rental market by

Daniel started out by asking the audience if anyone had suffered from poor service from a rental agent. Nearly every hand in the room went up! Daniel explained that this was the reason why the idea for his business came up in the first place. He was a landlord looking for a decent agent in Leeds and couldn’t find one, so he thought, ‘I’ll do it myself’.

From this kernel of an idea The Think Tank Group was started and has grown to become one of the largest agencies in the UK. Part of his growing services now includes furniture packs for landlords, in fact they are the biggest suppliers of furniture packs to landlords in the country.

Daniel gave the impression that he was flying by the seat of his pants when first starting out in business. But, like all successful business owners, when problems came up he solved them and learned from each experience.

Several stories were shared about how he has found very creative ways of helping his clients and their tenants to reach mutually beneficial agreements, some of them very, very creative!

Valuable tips for landlords and other agents, (there were a couple of letting agents in the audience), where scattered throughout his presentation. Answers to all of the following questions were given;

· How can I make sure my property is let before the competition?

· Should I let furnished or unfurnished?

· How do I qualify tenants more professionally?

· What questions should I ask when prospective tenants call me?

· When viewing with a prospective tenant, how do I ‘close’ the deal?

· How can I get more rent?

… and many more.

Finally Daniel informed us that he had managed to package his business so that The Think Tank Group system was now available as a franchise opportunity throughout the UK. For more information visit

Daniel has already spoken at a few of the other pin monthly events around the country and will be delivering the same presentation in Leeds on Wednesday 28th April. To find out about other pin meetings around the UK click here:

At the next Cardiff pin meeting on April 14th April our guest speakers are The Dabner’s who spoke at our Bristol pin meeting in March. They were fantastic and not to be missed. You can find out about what they covered at the Bristol meeting here.

Or just reserve your place at the Cardiff meeting by clicking here:
but be quick there is limited space at our venue.

I hope you can join me at the Cardiff pin meeting in April

Kind regards,

Gareth Davis
Cardiff and Bristol Host for property investors network

2 thoughts on “Learn The Inside Secrets Of A Lettings Agent?

  1. Anon

    Soory Daniel, Think Tank have gone down hill! The management is very poor, constantly being rude and unorganised, i went elsewhere.