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January Ask Simon Zutshi Tele seminar

Last week over 200 people listened into my January Ask Simon Zutshi Tele seminar. Some people had difficulty getting onto the call so we have decided to post the audio for you here:

Here are some of the questions that I answered:

• Will there be a second dip in house prices this year or will
we see real growth?

• What will happen to interest rates in 2010

• What to do if you don’t have any money to invest.

• How to raise funds to invest in property

• How you can use your existing assets to build your portfolio.

• The difference between “Buy to let” and “Let to buy” Mortgages.

• What is going to be the best strategy to find good investment properties in 2010

I hope you enjoy the audio recording and gain value from listening to it.

If you missed this Ask Simon Zutshi tele seminar and would like to join in the next free Tele seminar on Thursday 4th February just click here:

Kind regards,

Founder, Property Investors Network