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Investors saving money in Leeds!

Last night saw the launch of the monthly property investors network meetings in Leeds. We had a great turn out to see our guest speaker David Nicoll who is one of the UK’s top property tax experts.

I am not sure if it is just me, but the thought of sitting through a 2 hour presentation about tax does not fill me with joy, however somehow David manages to make the subject of tax really interesting! To be precise it is not the tax that is interesting, but the strategies David uses to pay less of it.

David gave us so much information that it would be hard to do it justice in a short review such as this, but I think it may be useful to clarify the question that investors often ask me. The question being “Should I buy property in my own name or in a company name?“. The answer to this will depend on your personal requirements but in general the answer is as follows:
If you are buying property for long term investment it is probably best to do it in your own name. If however you intend to buy and sell, develop or trade property (or sell leads) then it may be best to do it in a company. This is based on the differences between personal and company tax rates and the type of tax due (Income tax or Capital gains tax) depending on the transaction.

All in all this was a very successful first meeting with lots of networking. The pin Leeds seminars will be on the fourth Wednesday of the month at The Crown Plaza Hotel, Wellington Street, Leeds City Centre. You can reserve you place here now.

5 thoughts on “Investors saving money in Leeds!

  1. Ian

    Thanks for the excellent talk on tax yesterday by David Nicolls – we enjoyed it and learnt a lot – especially the PLR allowance! A lot of good stuff on maximising expenses when maintaining rented properties. I look forward to the next PIN meeting.

  2. franco sharp

    I went to the inagural Leeds PIN meeting with a very open mind but the small nagging doubt was still there that I may actually be in a light coma within about ten minutes of the talk, particularly having paid £30 the pleasure!

    I’m glad to say that the reality was that I was absolutely and utterly wrong on both counts. Not only was David engaging and entertaining, his depth of knowledge in the subject was astounding. That may sound a bit hyperbolic but I’m sure that anyone who was there will wholeheartedly agree with me. The £30 I spent for the meeting will save me at least £10,000 in capital gains tax when I plan to sell one of my houses ( in 4 – 6 years’ time) that my other half and I lived in when we bought it before we rented it out. And that was only one small piece of information that was discussed during the event!

    Value for money? It would have been cheap at double the price….

  3. Nick Jennings

    This was a first class event and David Nicoll was an entertaining and knowledgable speaker. We received a tremendous amount of seriously valuable information on a complex subject and without doubt there is potential to save many thousands of pounds in unnecessary tax if David’s principles are followed.

    Well done PIN; no serious investor can afford to miss these events if this is the quality of information available.

  4. Simon Zutshi

    Thanks for your comments and coming to our first meeting in Leeds. Remember we have a differt topic we cover every month and I delighted to say that we have a host of the top UK property speakers who want to speak at our monthly pin events around the country, mainly becuase we attract people who are serious about becoming wealthy through property. This is one of the reason we charge £30 – to put off the time wasters. (Of course Franco we will be charing you double form now on!)

    Please remember to reserve you place at out monthly meeting on this web site in the monthly meeting section.

    Kind regards

    Simon Zutshi

  5. Estelle

    I too had reservations about sitting through 2 hours of tax but found David extremely knowledgeable and humorous. He unfrazzled a lot of the mystique surrounding tax. Well done Simon for inviting such an excellent speaker, I am certainly looking forward to the next meeting.