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Investors learn how to sell their services and how to systemise their business

Tue 21st October saw another great turn out for the Birmingham monthly pin meeting with over 75 people turning up. This months meeting featured two fantastic presentations; First up was John Davies of Hedge Investments who gave the audience a very entertaining 45 minute brain dump on how to “connect” with customers.

This was part 2 of John’s 3 part “How to get sellers to want to sell to you” mini course that he has very generously agreed to run across the country at all the pin monthly meetings. A key part of John’s talk was the importance of body language in communication and to demonstrate the point John got everyone to play a game of Simon Says. The lesson from the game was that out of the 75 people in the room, only 2 or 3 people got the instruction wrong when playing the game with their eyes closed but almost everyone got mislead when playing with their eyes open! This was really powerful proof that what we see can very easily overpower what we hear.

Next up, after 10 minutes of speed networking, was David Price of Price Properties. David gave us a very thought provoking talk about how to systemise your property business so that it supports your goals and dreams and doesn’t just become a painful JOB. David outlined the importance of having clear goals and dreams, and not just x number of properties. He got us to think about what kind of life we really want and what we really enjoy doing.

For David, he wanted the freedom of not working for other people and wanted to build a business that would allow him to work for only a few hours a day 3 or 4 days a week from anywhere in the world. He then went off and booked himself onto a 12 month round the world yacht race, paying several thousand pounds for his ticket, and so HAD to make the business work without him being there, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to go! Dave asked loads of great questions to get us all thinking about what we really enjoy doing and why we’re investing, for example; Are you investing in property because you really enjoy looking round houses that you are never going to live in? or, are you investing in property so you can have the time and passive income to do things you’d really enjoy doing, like sailing around the south of France for a month? He then went on to describe how he delegates all the repetitive stuff in his business and some simple ways to systemise a property business.

Thanks to both John and David. Next month we have Simon Zutshi, pin founder, and Amer Siddiqi, founder of the Property Tax Portal, talking about successful property management plus John Davies doing the final part of his mini sales course. This is likely to be a sell out night so why not click on the monthly meetings link and book your place now. Hope to see you next month,

best regards,

Andy Evans,
Birmingham pin host.

2 thoughts on “Investors learn how to sell their services and how to systemise their business

  1. Parmi

    David’s presentation was indeed thought-provoking.

    The reasons behind the property investment strategy for many investors is to have greater time & financial security to enjoy their personal aspirations, whether its more quality time with their loved ones or the pursuit of their goals, even if it is sailing around the world for a year !

    The freedom to CHOOSE is a powerful motivator to get the property portfolio to work for YOU rather than YOU working for the portfolio.

    I would suggest, gaining some further detail on David’s systemisation would prove useful ie. what works best for specific parts of the business in order to ensure the ‘auto’ pilot does its job. Where do I find a PA like Beth ?

    It was a pleasure to meet fellow like-minded investors at my first PIN meeting, even though it was very cosy in the small room !!

    I’m currently involved in helping investors turn round cash flow negative portfolios, having turned round my own portfolio of 12 properties from a monthly loss of £4000 to now being cash flow positive asset worth £2million.

    Please feel free to discuss in confidence by contacting me through my website: or just call 07783 523556

    Kind Regards Parmi

  2. David Price


    I wish the round the world yacht race had only cost a couple of thousand pounds!

    Seriously, thanks for the feedback, and glad the presentation was of interest.

    My main objective was to get people to think about why they are in the property business in the first place- and I really believe that people should consider it as, and run it as a business rather than ‘investing’

    I don’t want to give the wrong idea though that you can just systemize everything and spend the rest of the time on the beach. Well, actually I do mean that you can do that, BUT you will have to invest a lot of time and effort in setting the business up in the first place and the real key to this is knowing what you want that business to look like and design it that way from the start.

    Not sure if I mentioned it in the presentation but one particular book that I think people may find of interest along these lines is ‘The four hour work week’ by Timothy Ferris