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Investor success stories at Birmingham pin

This month at the Birmingham pin we heard case studies from six investors who have all acquired well over £1m in property in less than 12 months with substantial amounts of cash in the bank accounts!

At this event Simon Zutshi had arranged for some of the most successful graduates from his Property Mastermind Programme (and also all regular attendees at the monthly Birmingham pin meetings) to share the secrets of their success.

The first speaker was Denny Spratly who had purchased and additional £1.2M of property in here 12 months on the mastermind programme and ended up with £90k in the bank as well. This was made up from remortgages, rental income and commission form selling deals to other investors. Denny did really well by forming joint ventures with other mastermind members.

The next investor to share their strategies was Julie Boddy who managed to purchase £2.54M in property and gain an £85k income whilst being a full time accountant. Although this is very impressive Julie said that her biggest achievement was being able to give up a job that she had grown to hate.

We then had a short break in which we had a forced networking session designed for us to speak to at least two people we did not know.

After the networking the next investors were Pete and Nicky Uglow who had been very focused in their strategy and purchased 10 student multi let properties in Coventry. They managed to purchase £1.98m by purchasing well below market value and using some of the equity form their own home and generate a sufficient monthly profit from the rental income such that Nikki is able to give up her full time job.

The final speaker was Keir McConomy who is just coming to the end of his Mastermind Programme and has to date purchased 14 properties worth £1.86M and now has a monthly positive cash flow after all expenses of £2751. All of his properties have been sourced from Estate Agents after he learnt how to deal with them property on the Property Mastermind Programme.

I found all of these case studies very inspirational and they certainly made me want to increase my level of activity. There were some keys points that came out of many of the presentations which I have summary for you here:

• You need to surround yourself with positive like minded people
• Don’t try to do everything yourself get other peole to help you
• You need to be flexible and adapt to changes in the market.
• You need to take regular and consistent action
• All you need is one good strategy to find more than enough motivated sellers
• Always look to see how you can help sellers to find a win win deal
• If you find a great deal that you don’t want you should sell it to another investor
• Tell everyone what you do as it is a great way to get referrals

Simon Zutshi then concluded the night by explaining how you can set up your own mastermind groups to model the success of all of the speakers. He explained step by step what you need to do by demonstrating what he had done with his mastermind programme.

If you missed this particular pin meeting then the same presentation is going to be delivered at the Leeds pin meeting at the end of the month on Wednesday 25th March.

Each month there are pin meetings all over the UK for the latest listings of events, dates and locations you can click here:

I hope to see you at the Birmingham property investors network meeting next month,

Kind regards,

Andy Evans.
Birmingham property investors network host

3 thoughts on “Investor success stories at Birmingham pin

  1. Julie Boddy

    Thanks for the summary Andy. As always it was a very inspiring meeting. I have heard most of the success stories before but still I take something new away every time I hear them. I also made some new contacts in the networking session – some who may be able to help me and some who I may be able to help. The one thing that has stood out for me throughout my involvement in the Mastermind programme and beyond, and came out I think in all the presentations at the meeting was the importance of surrounding yourself with positive people. The PIN meetings provide an ideal opportunity to do this which is why I try to get to as many of them as I can.

    As always Simon was a pleasure to listen to and his tips on creating your own Mastermind groups were very useful.

    As I said in the meeting, and without wanting to sound melodramatic, the PIN Mastermind Programme really has changed my life. I can’t imagine ever going back to what I was doing before it.

  2. Vance Harvey

    It was really great to see friends from the Master Mind group who have done so well, particularly Keir who is on MM3 with myself.
    It’s really great to be able to go to prop meetings like the PIN ones and meet people who are “walking the talk”.
    Well Done guys – you deserve all the benefits you have and I look forward to seeing you achieve lots more!

  3. Steve Hallam

    I was great to see the results of the mastermind course, can’t wait to be one of them !