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Inspired by Dolf De Roos!

Ever since I read the International Best seller “Real Estate Riches” about 6 years ago I have been inspired by Dolf De Roos who is a truely creative property investor.

What I loved about “Real Estate Riches” was the way Dolf De Roos explained the simple concept of looking for the angle in any property deal. Most amateur property investors just see the property and don’t thnk creatively about how the cash flow could be increased. Dolf is a master at this, on both residential and commercial property.

Last year after the success of my book “Property Magic”, which became an Amazon No 1 Best seller, we held a 2 day seminar called Property Magic Live in October, at which Dolf was the guest speaker. Dolf is back over in the UK this week for our “Cash Flow Dynamics” event in London.

I spent a few hours with him Dolf today and my head is buzzing with ideas of how to increase the cash flow on some of my properties. Personally I have only invested in residential property but I am keen to look at commercial property as well which has many advantages over residential.

Of course it is important to make sure you buy the correct type of commercial investment given the current economic climate. Thus the importance of educating yourself properly and I consider myself lucky to have a commercial expert such as Dolf to learn from. The quickest way to be successful in any filed is to find an expert who has already been incredibly successful and learn from them.

If you get a chance to see Dolf De Roos live, take it as he is also a world class speaker. I think Dolf will be Back in the UK later this year as I hope he will be speaking at Property Magic Live 2009 which is on 26th and 27th September.

Kind Regards,

Simon Zutshi

3 thoughts on “Inspired by Dolf De Roos!

  1. Simon Zutshi

    It was a fantastic event. Tickets will be available later this week for property Magic Live

  2. steve

    Please forward details of Property Magic Live when available.
    Would like to see Dolf De Roos speaking in person.

    many thanks