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I always learn something when I go to property networking events

Last night I went along to the Berkshire Property Meet organised by Juswant and Sylvia Rai. This is probably one of the busiest property networking events in the country and well worth going to.
As well as a number of my Property Mastermind Programme delegates there was a host of property experts including the guest speaker Glenn Armstrong, who had some real pearls of wisdom as ever and Mark Perl, who works for Glenn but I had not heard speak before.

Mark is a former Estate Agent and had some great tips about dealing with estate agents which is one of the best ways to get motivated sellers at the moment. A few of the tips included:

1) Always deal with the Estate agent who sits at the very front of the office as they have ‘earned’ that position
2) Spend a long time (as much as an hour) building the relationship with the agent
3) Have a meeting with the Estate agents mortgage broker just to prove you are serious
4) When you get a lead from the agent, view the property that day if at all possible.

I look forward to learning more from Mark when I speak at Glenn Armstrong’s BMV investor day at the end of February.

By the way if you are interested in getting estate agents to work for you, then you really should come to one of the property investors network, evening property events this month as our Guest Speaker John Davies will be demonstrating how you get estate agents to understand his creative financing method such that they can find you no money down deals. Just look at out monthly property networking page for full details.

Last night at the Berkshire Property Meet, there was also a very interesting presentation from Phil Martin of the Rent Back Charter, about the ideas proposed by the Government to regular the sale and rent back market . It may well be that sale and rent back becomes so regulated that the individual investor is able to purchase these type of investments. Unfortunately for everyone I think this means that many people who would have been saved from repossession thanks to a sale and rent back investor will no longer be rescued. Ironically, the Government’s planned regulation to help people will probably result in more people being repossessed. Another typical example of the Government trying to interfere with a free market in the name of protecting people but actually completely missing the mark again! Let’s hope the lobbying from the Rent Back Charter will help the Government see sense.

I hope to see you at a property networking event very soon,

Kind regards,

Simon Zutshi

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