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Do you appreciate how lucky you are?

A few weeks ago I was travelling around the country supporting the Brad Sugars “Business is Booming” Tour of which we were national sponsors.

This means that I had to get up early every morning (before 6.30am) which I must admit I found a real shock to my system as I am just not used to it any more. It is just me or is it unnatural to be getting out of bed when it is still dark?

One morning I suddenly realised that this is what most people have to do every day! Even worse, most people then have to spend at least an hour travelling to and from work every day.
Of course this is obvious but I have become so used to my lifestyle where generally I get up when I want and I don’t have to travel into work, that I had genuinely forgotten how hard normal working life can be.

I consider myself very lucky that I spend my time doing what I want to do. Yes I have a business that I need to put time and effort into but I chose when and how much. My property portfolio is set up to pretty much look after itself. I am not the kind of person who can sit around doing nothing but I am very much the master of my own destiny.

Let me make it clear that I am not telling you this to impress you but impress upon you that you can do this as well. It took me 7 years to get to the point of financial independence where I no longer had to work but I did it the hard way by trail and terror.
It does not have to be that hard or long for you. There are plenty of people (myself included) who can show you how you can do it in about 3 to 5 years or even less if you really go for it. The point is that you chose the life you lead. If you are fed up with getting up early and commuting to work and not really having much to show for it at the end of the month then you need to make the decision to do something about it.

The biggest problem I believe is that most people accept life the way it is. They don’t know what they can do to change things. They believe that they need money time and experience to be able to make money though property. This simple is not true. Yes if you have all of these it is much easier but with the correct knowledge and action you can achieve anything you want.

If you don’t know what is possible or need to have the light switched on for you then a very good place to start would be with my Amazon No 1 best selling property book “Property Magic”.
It has recently been revised and updated for the current property market. You can get it here now:

I wish I had access to this information when I was first starting to invest back in 1995. I would not have made half of the mistakes which I have made and I would have saved myself a fortune in wasted time money and effort.

I am very grateful to all my mentors and coaches over the years from whom I have learned so much and continue to do so. I feel privileged to be able to share my knowledge and experience with people like you and help people to make a real difference in their lives.

You need to recognise what a fantastic opportunity there is to invest in property right now. There is a fairly short time frame so you need to do something about it now. Take action, change your life for the better and enjoy more lie ins, whilst everyone else is getting up to go to work when it is still dark!

Kind regards,

Simon Zutshi
Founder, property investors network

2 thoughts on “Do you appreciate how lucky you are?

  1. Sally Atkins

    all you have written is so true , i have spent years in blame excuse & denial (bed) now i have taken the first step,I have taken ownership for the choices I have made I have accepted that the only way to change it is through responsibilty my responsibilty to action

  2. David Ball

    What Simon is saying is true, I have taken action by enroling on Simons property mastermind coarse and just by taking a little action each day my life is changing and I am getting more and more excited about the future.