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Creative finance at the pin Bristol meeting this month

The Bristol pin meeting this month at The Cadbury Hotel was the speaking debut of father & son team, Dick & Peter Dabner from Kent.

The room was packed with 35 investors all eager to learn from Dick and Peter who have added over £1M in value to their property portfolio through renovation, and with the help of some creative finance have done it all using other people’s money. The expectancy was high as some of the audience members knew Dick & Peter through the Property Mastermind Program, their reputation had preceded them. In fact, some people had travelled from the Midlands just to get the information from these guys as soon as they could…they were not disappointed.

Dick gave us a bit of his personal background. A serial entrepreneur, he started out in business as a young child with possibly the first recycling business in the UK! Later on he invented the adhesive lead stripping that is used in modern window manufacturing. Peter worked with his father in their glass business for 10 years before becoming a personal development coach.

As the evening progressed it was obvious that Peter’s soft skills, dealing with vendors and investors, had been key in the development of their business together with Dick’s experience.

The large group was kept glued to the front as Dick and Peter described their humble beginnings just a few short years ago. With great visuals of their various projects they described in detail the following;

· Where they started from…to where they are today

· How to use lock out agreements to make money?

· How they structured a deal that gave them a free building plot?

· How you can add value to your existing existing properties?

· When not to sell…

· Why they need investors and why investors choose to work with them?

All of these situations, and more, were explained in a very relaxed style that was easy to listen to. And audience members wanting more information at the close swamped both Dick and Peter.

In particular, the way these guys have used other people’s money to grow their business was fascinating, especially as they have given their investors a far greater return than the financial market could offer.

Next month The Dabner’s are repeating this program at the Cardiff pin meeting on April 14th, you can reserve you place here now and at the London pin meeting on Tuesday 28th April. reserve your place here now but be quick there is limited space at our venue.

At the next Bristol pin meeting on Wednesday 8th April, our guest speaker is David Nicoll who is property Tax specialist and very entertaining speaker. David is Simon Zutshi’s personal property accountant. Davis will be explaining ho you can keep more of the money you earn by legally paying less tax. If you want to be serious wealthy you need to learn how to keep the money your earn. Reserve your place at Bristol pin here now.

I hope you can join me at least one of these events in April.

Kind regards,

Gareth Davis
Cardiff and Bristol Host for property investors network

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