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Are You Ready For The UK Property *Crash*?

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3 thoughts on “Are You Ready For The UK Property *Crash*?

  1. Dawn

    Thanks for your audio Simon and reminding me that this coming year could be an exciting one for the property invester

    Thanks again


  2. Paul Collyer

    Hi Simon,

    Much of the current mainstream media coverage (or should I say “scaremongering” ) is geared from the private home owner’s perspective, and very little copy is given to the opportunites the present market conditions will present to the intelligent investor.

    As a potentially new investor myself, it is quite understandable that friends and family have recently been expressing concern that I am looking to get in “after the bubble has burst”, and think that I am perhaps slightly mad!

    Your video blog has only confirmed my own opinion that this is a great time to invest….provided it is done with all due dilligence and care.

    I am now more delighted than ever to have subscribed to your Mastermind programme back in June, as the timing of the late October start could not have been better given the current market position.

    I look forward to this with optimism, and cannot wait to get underway.

    Best Regards


  3. Ingrid Daniel

    Thanks, Simon.

    This was reassuring and confirmed what I thought. I’m now eager to get another property – I just need to sort out the finances!