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A new look for pin


Well here it is, the new website. Over the recent months we’ve been working hard to change the way pin runs, mostly as a result of the rapid growth we’ve experienced. The first manifestation of this change was the launch of the (now acclaimed) Property Mastermind Programme, which has been a runaway success and also massively oversubscribed – expect to hear much more about the success of my first wave of Mastermind recruits, I can’t wait to show them off to you because they’ve achieved some stunning results in only the first 7 months of the Programme.

The second manifestation of the changing role of pin is this website. Our previous site did the job well, but as pin has changed I began to feel a disconnect between the impression our website gave you, and the vibrant and buzzing reality of the pin network and its members. We hope the new website expresses this dynamism a little better. The blog format will certainly help you keep a much better track of what we and others are up to.

At the same time, this website is going to serve as an experiment in abundant thinking – it’s a mode of thinking that runs deep in the veins of pin, but now the pin website is going to play a much more active role. Expect to see information on here that is going to truly irritate some of my peers, because they want certain secrets kept amongst a small behind-the-curtains community. Not here though, because I know by scratching your back you will scratch mine at some time in the future.

Just in case you do not know who I am here is a brief introduction to the new website:

3 thoughts on “A new look for pin

  1. Roy Heaton

    Hi Simon,

    I must say your website wasn’t what I was expecting – I opened it up and instantly thought WOW…
    I do like the blog theme, it works really well…. an easy to read format, perfect!
    What more can I say, nice one and good luck.

    Hope to catch up with you at the next meeting.

    With all good wishes
    & warmest regards


    PS: I must say ‘SNAP’ however, we have just launched our new website, – if you get a minute, please check it out and let us know your thoughts – it would certainly be much appreciated – also, perhaps, we could give you some extra discount for some constructive criticism if you ever get the requirement etc :))

  2. Jennifer McLeod

    Hi Simon

    Fantastic! love the new site! Love the sketch of you.
    I agree, this website does have a more vibrant, energetic feel to it.

    Speak to you soon about my forthcoming new website also and possibilities.

    Jennifer McLeod